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Wheel and Rim Handling

Our systems are being used to handle wheels and rims at DAF Eindhoven for an efficient logistics process.

For PACCAR Parts, the parts division of DAF Trucks, we have developed a modular lifting system in close collaboration with Crown Intern Transport in Munich. The Crown GPC 3000 order picker is equipped with this.

A project team has been put together which consisted of directly involved parties from PACCAR Parts, Crown and Habeload BV. A list of functional specifications has been compiled from the technical issue "how to pick orders for medium-heavy products quickly, ergonomically and more flexibly."

With the advancing insight that emerged during the design process and the joint evaluation of the first test unit, we finally came up with a design that fully meets the functional wishes of PACCAR Parts and the wishes of (the R&D of) Crown Intern Transport. The safe use of the machine as a whole is paramount and for this an integration of the lifting system with the control of the order picker has been achieved.

The logistical result of this collaboration between three like-minded companies is a lifting system, fully integrated into an order picker, with great added value when collecting orders for medium-weight products.


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