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Custom-Made Lifting Solutions

Habeload is ready for the 4.0 industry (Smart Industry)

Habeload can offer a fully automatic lifting solution tailored to the high-end industry and manufacturing organisations that operate a 24/7 continuous production process, where safety and efficiency are of paramount importance.

This is a robotised lifting solution which behaves as a cooperative robot, also known as a Cobot and is suspended on a rail system and whose lifting weight can vary from 10 to 250 kg.

The machine is entirely configured according to customer requirements. The PL-D classified safety components allow the machine to operate safely in a production environment where people are also present.

Functions such as ‘propulsion in the X and Y axis rail’ - ‘tilt or push the product’ - ‘machine rotation around its axis’ and ‘up and down’ can be fully automatically controlled or with a touchscreen.

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Thanks to our experience of working with many and varied organisations, you can be confident that, together with Habeload, you will end up with a unique system that matches needs.

Many large and well-known companies have preceded you!


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