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Habeload Lifting Systems for the Industry and Warehousing


Can your employees operate in a durable manner?

It is a matter of ergonomics and smart systems for handling and logistics. Employees who work well, are healthy, motivated and productive, now and later, are important for your company. You want to operate in a sustainable and responsible way and are faced with continuous challenges and changes.

Aging, technological developments and a higher retirement age are emerging. Are your production processes flexible enough to adapt?

Prevent physical stress with innovation.

Why Habeload

  • The latest generation lifting solutions: ready for industry 4.0
  • The efficiency, employability and safety of your employees is increased by the use of lifting solutions
  • Thanks to the modular construction of the lifting solutions, we can keep the costs of custom work low
  • The lifting solutions are innovative and built with high technical quality
  • Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, sick leaves within your organisation are minimized

Lifting Solutions for Different Industries

Habeload provides lifting solutions to a wide range of industries that vary from metal processing, plastic, chemical, packaging, food, automotive, wood and glass to logistics and transport companies, and the hygiene and process industry.

Metal Processing

Plastic Industry

Chemical Industry

Automotive Industry

Glass Industry

Logistics and Transport Companies

Hygiene and Process Industry

Wood Industry


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