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We Are Habeload

About Us

Since 1991, Habeload is active in the development and production of safe, high-quality and ergonomic lifting solutions. Our clientele is very diverse, from SME supply companies to high-end process industries. Together with our clients, we optimize the production processes and build a safe and sustainable future with as little loss of productivity and absenteeism as possible. Habeload distinguishes itself in the market with innovative products that are developed with a vision for the future.

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The Team

Our team consists of experienced and driven people with a great passion for technology. We manufacture the lifting aids in our well-equipped workshop, and are service-oriented. The customer is our priority and through a constructive approach, we jointly achieve an optimal result that meets the current standards you can expect from us as manufacturer. Our lifting solutions are often used by companies where safety and reliability are essential for the continuity of the process.



Within the segment of the ergonomic lifting solutions, we want to supply high-quality solutions specific to the customer. Our strategic partners fit in with this line of thinking.

Together, we want to keep a strong position in our domestic and foreign markets.

By putting the customers' needs first, through a direct and transparent communication and by honouring our assignments, we aim to build a long-term relationship with our clients.


Is part of:
Onderdeel van de VRI groep

A group of high-quality companies in drive, hoisting and lifting technology.