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HML Series

HML is an example of an electrically driven lifting system. This system can be equipped with various grippers. For example, if it is equipped with a fork board, the HML can be used to pick orders on a pallet to make them ready for transport. It is also possible to place pallets at different heights in storage racks.

The HML is placed in a rail system, the trolley of the HML runs in a double traverse and, to provide an example, the fork board moves up and down along two rail guides. It guarantees a large working range, low release forces, a high degree of stability and thus efficient and effective deployment of your employees.

The modular concept makes the change of different grippers possible so that the handling of rolls, barrels, boxes or plates is easy. This concept allows to prepare the system for semi- or full automation. This adds a new dimension to the world of material handling.

See opposite for a number of illustrative examples.

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CharacteristicsHML 250 E (kg)HML 500 E (kg) 
Maximum Load250500
Stroke1000 - 3000 mm1000 - 3000 mm
StopsBrakes in X- and Y-directionBrakes in X- and Y-direction

Larger stroke lengths available upon request


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