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MLS Series

Where speed and freedom of handling are required, the Habeload MLS series of lifting aids offer a perfect and safe solution.
The name MLS stands for Multi Lifting System. This means that the system is prepared for a wide range of custom product grippers for the handling of your unique products, in different production environments and in various industries.

By making a simple choice regarding version and the maximum handling weight, the MLS series lifting aid is equipped with a double articulated arm in combination with a stainless steel cable and a simple load sensor, and therefore follows the movements of the operator effortlessly within a radius of 3 meters and a lifting height of 2 meters. This standard series MLS comes with a pneumatic winder and the Habeload ergonomic one-hand controller.

In order to make the right choice in our standard MLS series lifting solutions, we offer you the following possibilities:


If you have specific requirements with regard to your lifting problems, we can propose to you an alternative in a quick and efficient manner by making use of our MLS configurator.
By simply making a selection in versions of mounting form, the maximum weight to be handled, but also the range in the horizontal and vertical plane, a specially tailored MLS lifting solution offers the extra to our standard MLS.

Regardless of your MLS series lifting solution requirements, the operator always has both hands free due to the balancing properties of these pneumatically driven MLS series lifting solutions.

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TypeLifting Cap. (kg)Lifting Height (mm)Working Range (mm)
MLS-C 656020003000
MLS-C 11010020003000
MLS-C 16016015003000
MLS-C with working range of 4000mm upon request


TypeLifting Cap. (kg)Lifting Height (mm)Working Range (mm)
MLS-W 656520003000
MLS-W 909030003000
MLS-W 15015020003000
MLS-W with working range of 4000mm upon request


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